We waste massive amounts of water in our homes every day. All this wasted water does not only cost you loads of money, but it’s not doing the planet any favours either.

We have introduced a range of products, which works in such an innovative way that you will barely notice the difference. You can significantly reduce hot water use by simply repairing leaks in fixtures such as taps, showerheads and pipes. The less hot water you waste the less your geyser has to work reheating your water. If your geyser leaks, contact a plumber to repair or replace.

Shower heads:

Ellies product - water saving showerhead

An average shower head dispenses 20 to 30 litres of water every minute. But not if you’re using an Ellies shower head. Then you use a shower head that does not dispense more than 10 litres a minute.

How do we do it? By changing the way your shower head dispenses water, we are able to drastically reduce the amount of hot water you’re using – as well as the amount of electricity you use. Remember that your power-hungry geyser needs to reheat new water for all the water you use when showering. So the more water you’re wasting in the shower, the more electricity you’re wasting too.

Instant Off Water Savers:

Ellies Product - Instant off water saving accessory

Our Instant Off flow controller does exactly what the name suggests: it stops water flowing from your tap the instant you no longer need it and not a drop of water is wasted.

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