Whether placed on roofs or on the ground, solar panels capture the sunlight and convert it into electricity. It works on light rather than heat. The more light the panels receive, the more electricity they can generate, but they still work on cloudy days just like that old solar powered calculator you had.

Photovoltaic panels, or PV. (“Photo” means “light” and “volts” means electricity.) Most people simply refer to it as solar power.

Ellies offers a full system design service.  From selecting a measuring solution to choosing the system that best suits you, we are here to guide you through this process.  Whether residential, commercial we have a team standing by to help.  It’s important that you have a clear understanding of the various systems available to you.

Once you have reduced your loads and changed your lighting, implemented a monitoring solution, you will have a clear understanding of the type of system you will need.  Feel free to contact us for a free assessment and design.

Grid Tied Systems:

Ellies offers grid-tied electrical systems

A grid-tied electrical system, also called ‘tied to grid’ or ‘grid tie system’, is a semi-autonomous electrical generation or grid energy storage system which links to the mains to feed excess capacity back to the local mains electrical grid.

When insufficient electricity is generated, electricity drawn from the mains grid can make up the shortfall.

With the opportunity to feed back into the grid in certain areas, it’s a great opportunity to reduce your electricity consumption with your local provider.  Even though this is a simple cost effective way of reducing your cost, its shortfall lies in that should the utility supply shut down, your panels will not produce power during this period.  This is a safety feature built in to protect technicians while doing maintenance.

Off Grid Systems:

Ellies has off-grid electrification products

The term off-grid refers to not being connected to a grid, mainly used in terms of not being connected to the main or national electrical grid. In electricity, off-grid can be stand-alone systems (SAS) or mini-grids typically to provide a smaller community with electricity.

Off-grid electrification is an approach to access electricity used in countries and areas with little access to electricity, due to scattered or distant population. It can be any kind of electricity generation. The term off-the-grid (OTG) can refer to living in a self-sufficient manner without reliance on one or more public utilities.

The downside of Off Grid systems, or Island systems, lies in the cost of batteries. Batteries have a limited lifespan when used continuously. Large battery systems are required to unsure depth of discharge is limited. Ellies recently introduced the BMZ range of lithium-ion batteries to its range offering a 10-year Warranty.

Hybrid System:

Ellies offers Hybrid electrical systems

A Hybrid electrical system, typically has a connection to multiple sources of power. A Hybrid system consists of a Solar Array, Inverter, grid tied connection with the option to connect to a generator also.

When insufficient electricity is generated, or the batteries are not fully charged, electricity drawn from the main grid can make up the shortfall.
With the opportunity to feed back into the grid in certain areas, it’s a great opportunity to reduce your electricity consumption with your local provider.
Although a grid-tied system does not allow you to consume power from your array during load shedding, a Hybrid system ensures connectivity at all times. Your system prioritises its supply by consuming what you produce first, feeding excess into your batteries for charging and the balance it will transfer into the grid.

Solar Panels:

View Ellies' range of Solar Panel products

Many people worry about the cost of installing solar panels. So choosing the right product for your project is essential.

At its most basic, solar panels consists of an array of photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into electricity by a process known as the photovoltaic effect. PV cells consist of at least two semi-conductive materials when exposed to sunlight creates DC electricity.

The individual panels are then connected in a series strings to build voltage; the strings are connected in parallel to build current. These solar modules or panels are available in various sizes, power outputs, and material. Speak to use about the best solution for your application.

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