The use of gas appliances has increased quite a bit over the past year with everyone experiencing load shedding or simply looking for a way to reduce electricity consumption. Whether you’re considering buying a gas stove or have already purchased a gas heater to ward off the winter chill, there are a number of safety considerations you need to take into account when you have your gas appliances installed.

Although gas is safe to use if installed according to regulations, the most common types of hazards associated with the use of it include explosions and fire. Ellies has introduced a unique product to combat these fears.

Gas Bottle:

Ellies offers Gas Safety products

These Fibre glass composite gas cylinders are superior alternatives to traditionally used metal cylinders. These cylinders are extremely lightweight, attractive in colour and shape, rust proof and corrosion proof, UV resistant and most importantly explosion proof.

Can be used with gas braais, some gas heaters, gas stoves, camping, caravans, household, industrial and lifestyle applications.  It has a gas tight inliner, heavy duty PE casing to deal with rough handling and a universal boss made of steel, so its insulated against wear and tear on any number of screwing or unscrewing.  New ‘O’ ring material suited for temperatures -65⁰C and +200⁰C

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