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Ellies secures K2-Mountings Systems Exclusivity


Since 2004, K2 developed pioneering and highly functional mounting system solutions for photo voltaic assemblies around the world.
They design the systems in their own development department, and adapt and optimize them to the ever changing market, therefore we benefit from years of experience, personal client relationships, and knowledge of the different international specifications.

In a nutshell: As roof-mounting specialists, we offer effective and economical solutions for roofs all around the world and provide professional, fast, reliable support for our customers in the solar industry.



  • 2004: K2 Systems GmbH exclusive distribution is founded
  • 2009: Expansion in Germany and opening of the Italian branch
  • 2010: Opening of the French branch in Anney le Vieux, and introduction of the quality management system
  • 2011: Opening of the English branch in Aldermaston
  • 2012: Establishment of the American branch Everest Solar Systems LLC
  • 2014: K2 Systems GmbH moves to Renningen (headquarters)
  • 2015: Opening of the Mexican branch
  • 2016: Photovoltaic systems with K2 systems are in action in more than 100 countries (05/2016)


Mounting Structures

Just like a mountain climbing team, K2 Systems is built on mutual trust. This applies to our customer service as well as within the company itself, because we believe a trusting partnership leads to successful photo voltaic projects.

Our employees place total focus on the needs and wishes of our customer. This is true in the sales department, as well as in production, the warehouse, marketing, or in the in-house development of mounting systems.

In our international team, everyone works together to provide customers with competent, comprehensive and entirely personalized service. This is especially true in the constant training our employees undergo with regards to product optimization, quality assurance, or innovations in construction techniques.

Ellies Electronics, recently introduced K2-Mounting Systems into South Africa.  This world class product is the only product to offer a 12 year warranty, which covers even the washers in there assemblies.  K2’s Multirail system was recently used in the installation of a 5okWp installation at Cape Dry.  Being the smallest rail in the market, the installation was done in record time.  No lengthy rails needed to be transported, and all the components could easily fit in a couple of small boxes.

for more information on K2-mounting systems, contact Shawn Classen on +27 83 257 6399 or simply email shawn.classen@ellies.co.za

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