You have many choices in energy-efficient lighting. Compared to incandescent and halogen lamps that gives off 90% of its energy to heat, LED is the better option to consider. Although they can initially cost more than traditional incandescent bulbs. With an extended, savings of up 90% can be achieved. Controls such as timers and photocells save electricity by turning lights off when not in use. If you have outdoor lighting that is left on for a long time, using LEDs in these fixtures will save a lot of energy. LEDs are available as flood. Ellies offer a full range of Commercial and residential lighting. Commercial lighting has been designed to burn 24/7.

Residential Lighting:

Ellies offers energy efficient lighting products for residential areas and homes

We recently introduced 2 new ranges of LED lighting. Our residential range of lamps carry a one-year warranty and is available in various lamp types. They have been prices competitively.

Our “Lamp for life” range comes with a 25-year warranty, with the latest “Crystal driver” technology these lamps regulate the operating temperature of the lamp ensuring it runs at optimal temperatures to ensure extended life.

Commercial Lighting:

Ellies offers energy efficient lighting products for commercial businesses

Our range of commercial lights have been designed locally by Professor Frederick Bruwer, who holds patents in technologies used by US military, Energizer, Logitech and other leading brands.

The products have been designed with the South African consumer in mind, carrying a 5-year warranty with a 24 hour burn rate, which makes it ideal for Hotels, restaurants and other commercial buildings where lamps need to burn for long periods on end.

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